Reading Reach

Reading and spelling tutoring (grades K-8), dyslexia screening, and multi-sensory structured literacy instruction.  We offer one-on-one lessons and group classes. The Orton-Gillingham approach is used to teach reading in a direct, explicit, and structured way.  The approach is especially helpful for individuals struggling with reading, writing, or spelling, including those with dyslexia.

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Our Services:
One-on-one reading/spelling tutoring K-8, 
Orton-Gillingham / Multi-sensory Structured Literacy Approach, 
Homeschool Group Classes TK-3,
Dyslexia Screening and Reading Intervention, 
Dyslexia Educational Therapy Program, 
Summer Classes & Summer Camps, 
Free Storytime/Preschool Events, 
Free book giveaways to local students

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Orton Gillingham reading tutor tutoring Oceanside dyslexia

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