H.A.R.T. Program

Our Husky Assisted Reading Therapy program combines research-based literacy practices with animal-assisted therapy practices to create a unique small group reading class that kids love!

Learn more about the benefits of reading therapy dogs.

Reading Reach presents the H.A.R.T. Program!

Research suggests that when students interact with reading therapy dogs, it: 
- increases motivation to read by providing a fun & non-judgmental environment
- boosts confidence in struggling readers
- maximizes reading time beyond the classroom
- increases fluency and decoding skills
- creates positive associations with reading 

Once-per-month small-group reading tutoring program with husky assisted reading therapy meets in the Jeffries Ranch area in Oceanside (92057). 

Fall 2023 Semester H.A.R.T. Program - Friday small-group 3:30pm-5:00pm: 
Sept. 22
Oct  20 
Nov  10
Dec. 15

Pricing:  $300/semester (non-charter funds only for this class).
Fee may be prorated to attend a partial program. 

Apply Here
Husky Assisted Reading Therapy  reading therapy dogs animal assisted therapy oceanside san diego california

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